Fulfilling Iranian requests abroad by Vijegan


Many Iranians abroad need some follow-up inside Iran to do some of their own personal or their own official affairs, which they sometimes find difficult to do.

The most important problem here is the time and cost of doing such things. Suppose a student had to come to Australia from Iran to get a certificate from a university in Iran.

Provided all conditions are met for his trip to Iran, the trip may cost him tens of millions of Tomans. You might say he can do this with the help of a family member or friends ; yes these options may be a better choice but;

Some people are unfamiliar with administrative procedures, unclear number of visits to an office, family in a city other than Tehran, old age or parental illness, busy working with relatives and friends, family problems in day-to-day affairs in Iran, traffic and crowding. Consider the big cities, and so on

Now, if there is a law firm in Iran that can provide such services by obtaining an official power of attorney with a formal contract and a reasonable fee, what do you think?

Why is Vijegan a Reliable Choice for Iranians Abroad?

مشاوره -و-انجام-امور-حقوقی -ایرانیان- خارج-از-کشور
| ویژگان

At Vijegan, we know what a difficult way to gain the confidence of Iranians abroad, and we are aware of the problems in this way.

With the aim of reducing concerns and reducing financial costs for our dear compatriots abroad, we have tried to provide all the necessary conditions for this work and ensure that we receive all the necessary legal authorization within Iran, that Vijegan will always be responsible for their performance.

Vijegan is an officially incorporated institute (under Reg. No. 39581 and National ID No.: 14006156978) with legal licenses achieved through legal procedures. (To verify the authenticity of information, please click here.)

Vijegan has achieved two legal awards by official Iranian authorities for online activity in the internet and virtual space, including Two- Star e-trust NAMAD and the national symbol for digital media registration. (Click the symbols to verify) (Click the symbols to verify)

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vijegan has a systematic process from the consultation stage to the end of the job. Reports are sent on a regular basis so that customers are aware of their progress at every step These reports are sent via email or social media in PDF form


vijegan uses experts from the same department, depending on the type of requests submitted.

vijegan is strictly committed to protecting the privacyof the information sent, so the view will never be traced to the specifics or details of requests in any part of the site or outside of it, and all information sent in a completely secure environment. It will be stored electronically and physically, and after each order is completed, all documents, including copies and original, will be returned by post.