Advice to Iranians Abroad about Embassy Rules by Vijegan

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Our dear fellow Iranian abroad needs to refer to Iranian consular offices where they live on a daily basis to receive services, such as

Certification of educational and non-educational documents , Military service and conscription affairs Student affairs , Student affairs , Registration of marriage and divorce events , Passport issuance and/or renewal , Draw up types of power of attorney , Receiving and change of ID Card , Receiving and change of National Card , Certificate of celibacy , Amending date of birth , Selection/change of name , Child birth registration , And many other services

To complete and follow up much of these affairs, one has to refer to the Iranian embassies where they live and to receive information about administrative procedures based on his/her request.

Many of our dear fellow Iranian abroad, not being familiar with consular regulations, work load in certain consular offices, change and/or enactment of new laws, being misguided, illness and/or old age, being too busy, lack of knowledge about modern technologies, long distance and high costs of visiting embassies and …, have to have several trips and spend time and more money just for their simple requests and even face problems.

Whereas, just by getting a piece of advice and guidance prior to referring to an embassy, such affairs could be done and pursued in the shortest possible time and/ or by preparing required documents and only visiting the embassy once, or in certain cases, even without any need to visit in person.

Aiming to reduce costs, Vijegan has launched the free service of “Consular Consultation”, so to enable Iranian abroad to visit the website, complete the relevant form under consular consultation and send their request via Telegram, WhatsApp, IMO, … messengers through No. 989308033636; thereby, Vijegan consular expert can reply them at eh earliest possible; also, Iranian abroad will have access to important news and notices on request registration through membership in Vijegan social networks.

To provide consultation services, Vijegan uses experience and knowledge of the retired professors of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who have been working for years in the Iranian consular offices and gained a lot of experiences in various fields; they are familiar with the issues and problems of Iranian abroad and by keeping themselves up to date, they are aware of the latest enacted laws.

Vijegan is not authorized to provide consular services in none of the sections related to consular offices and embassies; it only provides consultation, guidance and solutions to make consular procedures as shortest as possible.

Instructions for filing

Dear Compatriots and Iranians Abroad: Please complete starred items to register your free consular request

  • Your questions will be answered as soon as possible
  • Please send us more details to provide more accurate answers by specialist experts
  • Specialist is committed to safeguarding and respecting the privacy of individuals in all areas and in no way solicits information from the inquirer profile It will not be listed on the site
  • In order to protect your privacy, the tracking code will only be sent to your email, so please submit a valid email.

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