Follow - up to Iranian Personal affairs by Vijegan


Doing and following up personal affairs and specially administrative and student affairs of Iranians abroad is one of their usual concerns.

Other than expenses and problems of travelling to Iran, problems such as insufficient time of residence in Iran, involvement of family members and friends in their personal life and problems, uncertainty about reply time of departments, unfamiliarity of ordinary individuals with official procedures and changes of laws, aging and / or disease of parents, the fact that all departments and organizations are located in Tehran, need to submit online applications in domestic websites using Iranian IP addresses, following up and attending some of organizations several times to achieve desired result and so many other small and big problems lead Vijegan Law Firm to provide consolidated services in these areas with purpose of reducing expenses and removing concerns of Iranians abroad.

Vijegan Law Firm has defined different services based on needs of Iranians abroad due to its complete understanding of these problems because of its involvement in them.

To address any of these affairs, Vijegan Law Firm has made its best efforts to hire and employ specialists and experts of each and every specific case to guarantee quality of the services provided in the best way possible.

To assure countrymen abroad that their applications are being processed and done, Vijegan Law Firm emails clear, documented, and detailed reports of progress of work being done and processed to them in each stage.

Due to extent and variety of these services and with purpose of making Iranians abroad familiar with all services provided, Vijegan Law Firm has categorized the services into five main categories which are introduced as Vijegan’s packages.

| ویژگان

Property package: Doing all property affairs on your behalf in Iran; exclusively for Iranians abroad

Estae affairs such as (buy, sell, contract , lease, reconstraction,...)

| ویژگان

Health Package :Making coordination to do all healthcare affairs in Iran; exclusively for Iranians abroad and other country’s nationals

Health tourist, sending patients out of Iran, doing medical services in Iran,..

| ویژگان

Personal affairs package: Doing personal affairs which can be done; exclusively for Iranians abroad

Insurance and retirement, banking work, office work, personal work, care of parents and …

| ویژگان

Administrative AffairsDoing administrative affairs on your behalf before departments, organizations, entities, and private sector entities

Finance, Administrative affairs, Retirement, Municipality, Civil society …

How to submit your application?

Services provided in these packages are very easy to receive.

You can choose one of these packages based on your application and need and get familiar with subject and content of each package through reading and getting informed of the services provided by Vijegan Law Firm in each of these packages, and then fill out relevant application form provided and wait until our experts call you and seek your approval of such application so that relevant services be provided to you according to Vijegan Law Firm’s usual processes.

It takes at most 72 hours until your order is confirmed

Instructions for filing

Dear applicant: 1-Please fill out the starred items in the form below 2-Your tracking number will be emailed to the email you have entered herein upon submitting this application form 3- Your questions will be answered as soon as possible 4-Please provide us with more details of your application to review and provide more accurate legal solutions. We will do our best to protect your privacy and will not disclose the details of your request in any way with full respect for the privacy of individuals.

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