Vijegan is a trusted institution for consulting and applying Iranians abroad in the field

انجام امور حقوقی ایرانیان خارج از کشور

Vijegan Legal

Vijegan legal section addresses legal issues and problems of Iranian abroad and foreign nationals by providing technical consultation and services.

The services under this section help Iranian abroad to follow up their legal cases by experienced lawyers at law from consultation up to achieving final result based on a specific road map

انجام امور شخصی ایرانیان خارج از کشور

Vijegan Official

Vijegan personal section undertakes administrative and student requests of Iranian abroad and foreign nationals in Iran on their behalf.

The services under this section help Iranian abroad with their affairs by assigning Vijegan experts through a business power of attorney to directly supervise and pursue work process, while saving time and money

انجام امور حقوقی ایرانیان خارج از کشور

Vijegan Consultation

Taking advantage of experienced staff of Foreign Ministry, we provides Iranian abroad with quick and precise reply to their questions on different areas.

The services under this section help Iranian abroad to receive technical consultation on consular affair, while saving time and money and reducing number of times they have to refer to embassies.

امور سرمایه گذاری ایرانیان خارج از کشور

Vijegan Capital

Carrying out and dealing with residential, commercial and administrative property affairs of compatriots abroad by providing services including purchase, sale, rent, renovation, maintenance, legal and administrative affairs on behalf of Iran.

With the help of this service, all matters related to the non-transferable capital of Iranians abroad are managed by specialized management groups.

About Vijegan

“Iranian abroad”, everywhere in the world they are, with any ethnic background, language, culture and mindset, are invaluable capitals of our country. They have always proved their commitment to the culture and foundation of this territory as representatives of our dear homeland and each and every one of them has brought tremendous pride to their country, Iran. .

In view of the great number and distribution of Iranian in different countries and diverse range of requirements they have to various types of services in Iran, and taking into account the problems and high costs of travel to Iran, we have created a platform to exclusively provide Iranian abroad with required services in a number of different areas in Iran,

Vijegan is an officially incorporated institute (under Reg. No. 39581 and National ID No.: 14006156978) with legal licenses achieved through legal procedures. (To verify the authenticity of information, please click here.)

Vijegan has achieved two legal awards by official Iranian authorities for online activity in the internet and virtual space, including Two- Star e-trust NAMAD and the national symbol for digital media registration. (Click the symbols to verify) ((Click the symbols to verify) )

Vijegan takes advantage of the experienced staff who served many years in the Iranian consulates and missions abroad.

Vijegantakes technical care of legal affairs of Iranian abroad, using first class attorneys who are well aware of the difference between such cases with regular civil cases in Iran.

Vijeganalways adhere to the ethical charter of the institute to respect individuals’ privacy and confidentiality of clients’ information .

Vijeganhaving no affiliation to any organization or agency, locally and abroad, is a reliable authority in providing Iranian abroad with services in Iran.

Vijegan by identifying needs of Iranian abroad on experimental, theoretical and practical basis, and by using knowledge and experience of experts in different sections, spares no effort to provide decent technical services.

Vijegan provides services in :

A : Consular Consultation;

B : Legal Affairs;

C : Personal & Official Affairs;

exclusively tailored based on demands and requirements of Iranian abroad.

Vijegan with extensive knowledge about problems and issues of Iranian abroad and by a combination of experience, knowledge and skill, is a trustworthy reference entity in all sectors to fulfill demands and needs of Iranian abroad; a service hypermarket in rendering different services to fellow Iranian aboard.